Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Trek Pictures

I realise how much pictures can be valuable and supplement a travel story like never before! Sadly I don't have many, in fact very few. I have uploaded some at my travel blog and I thought I would put up three of them from the trek, here. These are courtsy Iddo.

the flock o' sheep we met on the way. there is a small pool of stagnant water on the right, and many of them took a qucik dip before proceeding!!
the landslide over which we walked...

the waterfall pool!


Azahar Machwe said...

Nice pics!

The thinking thinker said...

Nice Pics ambrosia.

Check out my blog I have slowly started to post things about you asked for. To be frank it was a nice idea and nice topics to drift away from other serious topics for some time.

A break that was required!!!

Thinking Thinker

Vj said...

Hey amrita
nice pics ..i liked the first one
I think had u taken the the pictre from the front side,it would have turned great . it would have looked liked endless strech of goats..nice effort . thanks for sharing

Meera said...

Hi. The pics are so cool..... which got me thinking how I have never seen a sheep close by or even far by except in pics.:) The place is really beautiful.

ambrosia said...

Thanks for visiting and writing everybody!

Welcome back Meera! VJ, as I have already indicated these pictures were not taken by me, so I refrain from commenting on anybody else's work. But I am glad you liked the subject matter. More pics from my travels next time and that's a promise.