Saturday, July 22, 2006

Some Odds and Ends

Blogs are opening here now by the normal route. Phew!!

Today I want to record certain things that have been coming to my consciousness and lingering there in the form of questions, observations made, reflections etc. I am not even trying to slot them, hope it does not sound too odd. And what if it does..... I am going to number them -

1) It is nice to re-connect with people we haven’t had any interactions with over a period of time. I am led to believe that these re-connections happen ONLY when the two persons concerned are ready – when they are convinced that a re-connection would be a progression over their last meeting. Re-connections always somehow happen when both persons are in a state to drop any unpleasantness associated with their past association, and at a stage when the fond memories created together are consolidated and most importantly acknowledged.

2) However, it is not possible to re-connect with everyone we have parted ways with at sometime in the past. We may have parted in bitterness with some people in our lives and over time we may forgive them too, BUT may not like to re-connect with them. In such a situation I wonder how would they ever know that you have forgiven them? Question.

3) I reiterate, re-connections cannot happen with everyone you have parted ways with.

4) Have you ever noticed how if you respond only to the positive characteristics in a person, their negative traits (and we all have them) stop to surface?! Have you ever noticed how people you encourage and appreciate are always happy to meet you..... Have you ever noticed how we too look forward to meeting people who appreciate and encourage us.....

5) I watched a film lately that immersed me after a long time. It is called “Before Sunrise”. It is made in two parts but I think it should have ended at Part I. I do not want to see Part II. I am in love with the idea of timelessness that is portrayed in the film. Two people make an instant connection. They have just a few hours to themselves. They make the best of it. It is time to part. They are heavy hearted to let each other go but they decide to not exchange their whereabouts. BUT they decide to..... well that is the suspense. They should have ended at Part I.

6) I also saw the film Dosar (translated The Companion), directed by Rituporno Ghosh with Konkona SenSharma in the lead. She was there at the screening too. Looking very cute. The film is well made. Lots of humor in the seemingly serious topic of the film: extra-marital relationships. I have not been able to, if I may say holistically understand this. Something tells me there is more to this hyped subject. Ok. One day the spouse meets with an accident in which the woman he is involved with - outside his marriage dies and he suffers serious injuries. This becomes public and his lawfully wedded wife grapples with feelings of hurt, dejection, self-pity, at the same time feelings of rejection for her husband. The film did not convince me (tho it is well-made). If not for the humor and Konkona and direction, it wouldn’t have been watch-able.

7) Have you noticed that the more you give, the more you get back. I mean everything – knowledge, know-how, something material, love. Also have you noticed how the more you give them away, the more you know about those things.

8) Have you realized how you carry a part of each person you meet in your lifetime. “We all take different paths in life, but no matter where we go, we take a little of each other everywhere.” (Tim Mc Graw). I have been using colored pens to write since the past three years, I picked up the habit from a friend of that time, I am no longer in touch but each time I hold one of my pink/green/orange/violet pens to write I am reminded of that person. Except that these days you don’t have much to do with pens, your fingers do it for you, on the keyboard.

Have you realized what a heart-to-heart talk in which you are in a position to share your deepest thoughts of that time with the other can do to you..... I have just done it..... on my blog.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Blogging Blocked in India

Hi everyone! There is upheaval in the blogging world in India!! along with many other sites has been blocked by the Indian Government. This has been done fearing anti-State activities, especially in the wake of the Mumbai blasts. BUT the repercussion has been quite unacceptable as it has extended to blocking out bloggers. The debate has shifted to curtailing of freedom of speech in a democratic land.

I have not been able to access your blogs since the past few days. It is only sometime back that I learnt one could access blogs through a proxy server which is what I am doing now.

A lot has been written about this matter already by the media and fellow bloggers as well. I would like to paste some links for you here for reference.

Some of the many news reports

Govt cracks down on websites, blogs

Indian bloggers fight government censorship

Press Coverage of Internet blocking in India

Blogs blocked; is Emergency coming?

Some of the many bloggers who have written about the matter


Friday, July 14, 2006

A warm hello

Hello! I feel good writing on my blog again. It’s been such a long time. Thank you all for your comments and I am sorry I could not write back immediately. The last few weeks were characterized by a flurry of activity. Both inside my mind and external as well. I enjoyed every moment I lived. It has been one of those times where you feel a whole lot but you don’t process your feelings because you don’t feel the need to. You don’t even see what lies ahead of you. Not that you don’t want to, but simply because there is no need. You just allow each moment to unfold itself. The revelations are insightful and that makes you happy. At the back of your mind you know that you have a destiny to fulfill and you just add to the present moment without a thought as to what your actions would fetch you. Quite a blissful state to be in.

This has been a time when I made wonderful new connections, shared joyous moments of re-connecting with old friends, traveled a bit and drew a lot of strength from it, worked a bit, as in for a living :-), read about Osho and Sufism (for the very first time), and now I am reading Life After Life which is Dr. Raymond Moody’s work on the subject (life after life) supported by his research study on NDEs (near death experiences). I am also reading Heinrich Harrer’s, Seven Years in Tibet. I hope to be able to write about each after I am done.

I am also looking forward to reading your blogs, I realize I have missed so much! I have been blog hopping mainly. What has changed you may ask, what has made me come back. Nothing I guess, the feeling of grandeur continues except I guess I am a bit grounded to hold my pen to paper. See you on your blogs soon too!