Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Counting My Blessings

I have lots to be thankful and grateful for. I try to live in an attitude of gratitude. But, sometimes, when something does not go my way, I am quite capable of cribbing. I do it as a matter of right. A few days back I had a mail from a penpal. One sentence stood out, it read, “Please try to remember to be grateful for the things you have”. Obviously, I had complained. What I got as a response is profoundly true. Therefore, I have decided to dedicate this post to counting my blessings. I want to make a mention of all the things that have made my four-month long stay at Chennai joyful. I don’t want to look beyond the four months because then I will have too many blessings to count and you will not believe me when I crib!!

Here goes.... these are a few of my b-l-e-s-s-i-n-g-s.... Daisy, Blue Cross, pups, doggie world, Sri Kumaran Stores, Pondy Bazzar, Globus, idlis@Anandas, chillie parantha@Sangeethas, Ratna Stores@Pondy Bazzar, basundi, set dosa, and fresh orange juice@Geetha Cafe, Gandhiji chips@T. Nagar, the luncheon gang@LB, weekend gateaways to Bangaluru, Life Research Academy, Bharmarishi Patriji, Pondicherry, the drive along ECR road, tender coconut, cheap transport, the cool sea breeze in the evenings, heavenly coconut polis@Sree Annalaxmi Sweets, Landmark@Spenser’s Plaza, the time to read, the time to relax, the time to shop.... (I might come back to add more).

I will make separate posts on some of the above. As for now I am content with listing them. I am all set to enjoy the Labor Day off tomorrow. How I only wish that 1st May had been a Friday and not a Thursday.... had it been a Friday, I would have got an extended weekend.... and now that it is a Thursday, I hate to think I will have to come to office on Friday....

PS: My roomie has been sent to her hometown, she has malaria.

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Srivandya said...

This is a lovely post. Now i know what you are upto on weekends and in evenings.