Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The healing touch of yellow

Before summer sets in, I want to post these pictures I clicked at a city park recently. Spring time yellow. I found myself gazing at the yellow all around me for a long time. The eyes felt warmed, the heart too. I was thinking how sometime back I had got interested in color therapy and had dabbled in it for a while before mundane concerns in life took over.

Saints and spiritually evolved souls have been depicted in print with a halo around their heads and bodies since as long as we can go back in time. Have you wondered what this halo, or glow, or light is all about.... this is the aura.... and, all of us have an aura which is nothing but the energy field around us or our own unique resonance. Sometimes we "catch" the resonance of others and experience telepathy with the person. But most of our eyes are not trained to "see" the aura, yet a lot of us can feel it. This is why sometimes we say we “feel” at ease being around with some people and at other times we are not able to trust some, despite the absense of tangible reason! Therefore, the energy field or aura is an informer of our internal states. The spiritually evolved souls with hours of meditation, have mastered the technique to read and interpret the energy fields of others.

I started with spring time yellow and digressed to the aura, you may be thinking. Not quite, because sitting at the city park with yellow all around me and thinking of color therapy and especially the therapeutic/healing powers of the yellow color, I was also thinking about the significance of the color yellow in our auras. Here I must mention that our auras are made up of the seven rainbow colors and their different hues. The colors change hues depending on our internal states. Now, I am no expert at interpreting auras or anywhere near to it, but I can try. Color yellow in the aura signifies spiritual energy and awakening in the person – its various hues signify various stages of awakening and inspiration. Spiritual people are fundamentally warm, genuinely friendly, non-materialistic, happy and content, compassionate, generous, wisdom seeking types, peace seeking types, and intuitive. If the color yellow signifies spiritual awakening and inner peace, it is no wonder then why we feel our spirits soar on a warm, sunny-yellow day and perhaps this is the same reason that the yellow all around me in the park made me feel so much at peace.

While aura readers assess the aura to diagnose a physical or psychological condition, color therapists provide guidance on how various colors in different ways can cure the cause of the condition. For example, the color yellow is used to treat chronic depression. A color therapist/healer will counsel the person with depression on how to use yellow in his/her life to full advantage in order to increase self-esteem, courage, and optimism. The person may be advised to go on a yellow diet or drink water in which the energies of yellow have been tapped. This is very easy and can be done at home by covering a glass bottle filled with water with orange cellophane paper and leaving it in under the sun. The therapist may advice using more of the color on one’s person as in apparels and accessories. The therapy may also include transferring the goodness of yellow crystals. Sometimes it is advised to have one part of an entire room painted yellow. Last here but this is not the end, a person with chronic depression may be guided to meditate on the color yellow. As in, the healer may ask the person to close the eyes and imagine being enveloped in yellow light. This is called visualization or channeling which is done to tap and source the universal energies within oneself.

Ordinarily, yellow can be worn in apparels and accessories when you want to feel bright and cheery. I have worn yellow to uplift my mood at times, and I wonder whether you have, too :-)


Munchmany said...

A very informative post, Ambrosia!
Loved reading every bit of it.

The days i feel sad or depressed, i try and wear bright colours. Never knew it had something to do with colour therapy.

About the aura bit, i totally agree. Sometimes, we just tend to connect with strangers....for no reason at all.

I think i am going to end up doing some research about this.

Superb post!

ambrosia said...

Thank you Munchmany for your lovely comment which encourages me to write some more!! Yes, color therapy is an ancient therapeutic procedure – the knowledge of which has been used to correct the imbalances in the body. The perception that imbalance in the body causes diseases – is the bottom-line of color therapy. References to color therapy have been found in the Atharvana Veda, Ayurveda, Ancient Egypt, and Greece – where practitioners have helped people to draw from the healing energies present in the Universe in order to cure diseases and improve the quality of life.

I will take this opportunity to draw attention to one factor in the use of colors: how much of each color to use. For example, the color yellow – since it governs the mental faculties of the brain, alleviates the mood (when present in fewer quantities) but excessive use of color yellow can make a person become gloomy and dull. Another example is the color green. Green is broadly the color for expansion, growth, creativity, etc. I have donned green kurtas on days I feel I have to be creative with thoughts coming in a flow, for example during interviews or storyboading!  But again, people suffering from diseases such as cancer and leucoderma are advised to avoid the color green as much as possible – because both are diseases connected with the “expansion” of certain type of cells in the body.

As I wrote at the outset, color therapy is used to correct the imbalances in the body; therefore you can imagine that excessive and mistaken use of colors may again disturb the balance.

And here’s something very interesting which you have said and I will turn it around a bit – the colors we wear and use on our person reflect our internal states even without us realizing it!

All the best for your research, the body of information available is mindblowingly vast and our discussions have just touched the tip of the iceberg!!

Twisted Factory said...

I simply admire nature even more after reading this post. We hardly find time to notice that different colors play such a vital role in our life. I’m wearing a green kurta today and when ever I wear it, I feel very relaxed. Pictures look awesome. You surely have some talent there.

ambrosia said...

Very well said Twisted!
And many thanks for appreciating the pics :-)

Twisted Factory said...

Amrita, I didn't know where to comment that's why commenting here. I'm glad that you posted pictures of your canines. All of them have a photogenic face and full of attitude.What about Bhootani??

ambrosia said...

Vandya, yes these guys have quite a bit of attitude and love to pose for pictures! See each of them looking directly at the camera :-) Minnie Moo alias Bhootni - I re- christened her.... she demanded a sober name!

Munchmany said...

The photos of your canines are excellent indeed, Ambrosia!

Bhootani demanded for a sober name??? How did that happen?

ambrosia said...

:-) Well Munchmany, she stopped gobbling any and every food stuff like a "Bhoot" and keep asking for more and so I was forced to change her name! As you can see, she has admitted going on a fitness diet.