Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tagged and Passed

I was recently tagged by Twisted Faktory to complete a meme. I have been “tagged” once before. So I knew what being tagged means. It means answering some questions and passing on the questions to friendly bloggers who’d be interested in answering the same questions and passing them on.... But I didn’t know what “meme” meant before I was tagged this time. Now I do, and here is one of the most comprehensive explanations I found on the internet.

Now, coming to the rules of this tag, they are:
1. Respond and rework.
2. Answer questions on your own blog.
3. Replace one question. Add one question.
4. Tag eight bloggers.

The following are my responses to the questions:

What are your current obsessions?

Watching movies, watching television, and reading newspaper

Which item from your closet are you wearing most often?
The lightest kurta with the shortest sleeve

What's for dinner?
Pav-bhaji with mango juice

Say something to the person who tagged you:
May you fulfill all the things you have planned to do in life. My best wishes.

Your favorite vacation spots:
The mountain areas of Uttaranchal and the Nilgiri mountains in South India

Your worst nightmare:
To be left alone on earth

Reading right now?
Yes, a book on guiding dreams.

What is the last movie you saw and enjoyed? Rate it out of 5 stars.
The Reader. Five stars.

Guilty pleasure?
Shopping for clothes

First spring thing?
Taking off from office work

Best thing you ate or drank lately?
Aaam panna by Haldiram’s

Care to share some wisdom?
Respect every creation of Nature, however small. Respect begets respect.

Boon you would ask for if God came before you?
To grant me Aladdin's magic lamp in full working condition

What would happen if you are not a woman/man (which ever is applicable to you?)
Me, as a biological man

Are you voting this time?
No. I was told I am not eligible - I need to be occupying my current residence for at least six months.

I tag:
KD and her thoughts clamoring for attention

Mesdi’s and her simple cooking

Little Budi and his side of the story
M and her words and life
A curved line and her musings
Sigma and her thoughts
A computer guy who loves to travel


Twisted Faktory said...

Good work Ambrosia.Thank you.

Sigma said...

Thanks for remembering me :) specially as I have been out ot the blogosphere for almost an year. I had a baby boy in June 2008, since then I am too busy struggling to manage the little one and my job, both of which are getting demanding, and therefore blogging has taken a backseat. I no longer see you in my Orkut friends list, else you might have seen the pics :-)

Let me see if I can complete the tag. Hopefully I will, soon :-)

Munchmany said...

I like your answer to the last but one question.
Keep going!

ambrosia said...

@ Twisted and Munchmany: Thanks, guys :-)

@ Sigma: Of course I remember you Sigma, I have the links of both your blogs on mine hoping they will be updated soon. But, now I can understand why the blogsphere did not see you in the last many months. My heartiest congratulations on becoming a parent! Take your time to come back. Taking breaks, coming back is just a part of life, I remember I began blogging with a fiesty 2006, met you and so many others. Soon there was a slump of over a year and now I am back. Take your time, more later :-) Btw, I am no longer on Orkut.